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Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Classes

Vegan Cooking Class

Saturday 14th January 2023 


 Our fun informal vegetarian/vegan cooking afternoons give you an opportunity to try inspiring wholesome healthy foods, meet new people, and learn more about the effects of our diet on both our body, mind and mood. They would be of particular interest to anyone practising yoga and/or meditation, as the food served will help enhance these practices to a more optimal level. And also great for anyone stuck in a food rut, and anyone interested in healthy eating in general – there's no need to be vegetarian to attend, in fact, most people aren't.


Included within the price is a delicious three/four course meal and all recipes from the dishes served – great value at only £40.

Taught by Emma, who is an ayurvedic health and diet consultant and nutritionist and passionate about delicious healthy food, and has been a vegetarian for more than 28 years. She was inspired to start these afternoons as a way to introduce people to the many benefits she'd experienced herself by making subtle changes to her diet bringing excellent results in creating better health inside and out, and feeling more balanced and energised.

These classes are limited to six people only in each session, and they book out quickly as they are very popular.

If you'd like to enquire about being on the invite list so that you receive booking dates in advance, or would like further information or to book an upcoming vegetarian cookery afternoon, then please contact us.


"Emma's class gave me an insight into some of the main ideas of Ayurveda.  Several recipes were demonstrated, with a particular focus not only on technique but on the purpose of certain ingredients in strengthening digestion.  Having shared a delicious meal, I went away feeling inspired to top up my spice cupboard and get cooking!  Also, intrigued to learn more about these ideas from Ancient India which seem so relevant to modern life, that is how to build good health and longevity through what and how we eat."

- Julie, Bromley

"Thank you for the lovely cookery class. I had a really enjoyable, informative day. We had a very relaxed friendly lesson, and the short session on ayurvedic nutrition set up the day perfectly. Emma worked efficiently through the many dishes, but ensured the whole class could see the techniques and experience the wonderful aromas at each stage. As someone who loves to cook, I enjoyed seeing the traditional ayurvedic meals prepared by someone so experienced, and the day has given me some great inspiration for own cooking.  Perhaps best of all, we all got to enjoy all the amazing food!"

- Susan, Bromley

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