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This very nutritious drink is a real tonic!

I, like most of us love power drinks. Just listening to the words 'power drink' gives you power :)

I was first  introduce to it by Dr. Kamlesh, reputed Ayurvedic Physician, who, for many years, has been teaching at the Sivananda Yoga Ashrams the basic principles of Ayurveda (particularly on a balanced diet) for good health. 

This power drink is very special as it is not a modern creation. In fact is an ancient drink that has been used by Ayurveda for thousands of years. It is easy to make, full of nutrition and delicious.

Almonds are excellent for the health and development of the brain. The dry fruits will provide you with plenty of energy to get through the morning. Soaking retains all their qualities while making them easily digestible.

Here is the secret formula:


  • 5 almonds

  • 1 big dry fig

  • 1 or 2 dates

  •  a few nuts (e.g. cashew)

  • a few filaments of Saffron

  • a few drops of rose water



  • The night before, soak the almonds in one bowl and the rest of the ingredients separately.

  • In the morning peel the almonds - this will be made easier after the overnight soaking.

  • Pit the dates (if not already) and mix all the ingredients in the mixer, add the saffron, the water in which the dry fruits were soaked and extra water if needed to adjust the consistency (it should remain quite thick).

  • Add a few drops of rose water before serving.

Now enjoy!

It is best when taken as a breakfast, this drink will provide you with lots of energy for the day. Try it, let us know how it tastes. We are sure you will LOVE IT!

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