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Gentle & Mindful Somatic Yoga - Online ClassFor Easier Movement & Pain Relief
Wednesdays 12-1pm 

Somatic yoga is a very gentle and mindful movement practice specifically working on creating freedom and ease of movement in the spine, hips and major joints of the body. It is a soft, mindful practice of repetitive gentle movements that unblocks patterns of deep stress, tension and trauma in the body which allows for easy, pain free movement. I personally practice this 2 times a week and it has really helped me with easier, freer movement which has definitely enhanced my traditional hatha yoga practice.
We practice very gentle, mindful and loving movement working with the power of the skeletal system rather than muscles. It is deeply relaxing and healing and has a restorative effect on the nervous system.
It is like meditation in movement and is specifically good also if you find traditional yoga too challenging and would like a gentler class.
I highly recommend you to join me this Wednesday, and if you can't make it I will record the session and you could take it in your own time. It is a class I plan to run every Wednesday at this time.
Class price is £11.50 a drop-in or you can book a term which works out at £9.50 a session and if your are short of funds at the moment, any donation is fine.
Here is the zoom link:
Meeting ID: 872 8913 9849 Password: 120625

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