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Sivananda Class Sequence

All our yoga classes follow the Sivananda Yoga Class Sequence a Classical Sequence of Hatha Yoga Postures (Asanas), Relaxation, and Breathing Exercises (Pranayama) originating from India and practiced by yogis and spiritual seekers throughout the ages.


The sequence can sometimes be adapted to be in harmony with the different seasons, weather etc. For example, when it is cold we do more of a dynamic practise and with more cooling, camling techniques when it is warmer.

The Sivananda Yoga Class Sequence can be practiced  strenuously providing a dynamic physical workout or very gently and slowly creating deep calm and stillness. With Sivananda yoga we give our minds and souls as much of a cleanse and a workout as we do our bodies.

To establish a calm mental attitude and inner focus the classes always begin with a short chant, a relaxation, and deep breathing exercises (Pranayama).

After establishing this inward focus we move into a sequence of flowing warm-up movements called the Sun Salutations (Surya Namaska), followed by leg stretches and core strength leg lifts.

Having thoroughly warmed up we move into the main body of the class with a sequence of 12 powerful yoga postures (Asanas). As you advance in your practice dynamic and fun variations of the 12  postures are introduced.

The classes always close with a longer guided deep-relaxation to allow the benefits of the practice to be fully metabolised, and to encourage further stress-release and healing.

The Benefits:

When practiced regularly, the specific Sivananda Classical Hatha Yoga Postures, Relaxation and  Breathing can help you to develop on many levels, improving strength, balance, flexibility, concentration, confidence, as well as general health and well-being.
In a typical class we begin with about 15 minutes of Pranayama or breathing exercises.


All yoga practices originate from the spiritual texts of India and were developed as a tool to help the yoga practitioner attain a state of enlightenment or union with the supreme consciousness.

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