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Our Teachers

Emma Brown

Emma is the director and founder of Yoga Studio Bromley and has been teaching yoga, meditation and philosophy now for more than 30 years. Emma's main lineage is within the Sivananda yoga tradition but she has also been inspired by other teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Osho and many others. Emma also spent nearly 14 years as a practising monastic where she was able to deepen her own practice and study as well as share with many others during classes, trainings and retreats.


Emma teaches regularly in Bromley and North London as well as on other teachers training courses.


Emma is also a qualified ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle consultant, ayurvedic massage therapist and somatic movement teacher and guides people on all issues of health, wellbeing and positive living.


There are often other teachers covering classes, who have taken the teachers training course with Emma. This is always nice as each teacher brings their own energy and ideas to their teaching style which may highlight different areas of the practice for the students.

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