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Yoga & Meditation Holidays

Join us for one of our fabulous Yoga & Meditation Holidays located at various magical places around the world. We have recently acquired our own beautiful retreat venue in the Andalucian hills in southern Spain called Casa Santosha where you can join us at any time. We also have a more intimate retreat space in magical Glastonbury, where we host regular retreats.  You could join our newsletter for updates on these or contact us for upcoming dates.


A retreat gives you the opportunity to have a break from your normal life and routine and any cares, stresses and worries that your daily life may entail. The daily yoga and meditation

classes, vegetarian/vegan meals, time for yourself and stillness, as well as time with other like-minded people and the calm and tranquility of the countryside all help you in coming back

feeling relaxed, revitalised, and renewed with positivity and fresh motivation and intention.


All our retreats are exceptionally priced for all that is included and it will be a holiday where you feel really great on your return.


For full details on upcoming retreats, please click on the links alongside.

Casa Santosha
Yoga & Meditation Retreats
Andalucia, Spain
A new retreat venue run by Yoga Bromley
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