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Ayurveda Diet & Lifestyle Consultation


Emma offers Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle consultations. Ayurvedic consultations are not just for those who suffer from a chronic illness or health concern, but also anyone who is keen to learn how Ayurveda can help them to achieve and maintain their optimum well being through doshic balance (see page on “What is Ayurveda” to find out about doshas) .


In the case of chronic disorders like arthritis, anxiety and diabetes, your current doshic balance will be compared with your optimal doshic balance. Both states are determined via a series of questions and observations about you, your ailments and your lifestyle, with the main aim being to create a bespoke Ayurvedic therapy programme that will help you return to your optimal constitution.

To understand more about Ayurveda and the Doshas do visit our About Ayurveda page or you can view Emma's flyer for consultations by clicking on the image opposite/above:

Ayurvedic treatment path


Initial Consultation (approx 1.5 hours) - £85

Follow on consultations - (approx 60-75 minutes ) £65

Call / email Emma to book your consultation - 07765 100436

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