Meditation by the Sea

“We meditate so that we can inundate our whole being with the powerful presence of peace "

Sri Chinmoy


Free Group Online Meditation every Monday & Friday morning 7.30-8am

Start your day in a peaceful way - join us for our free online group meditation sessions - a great way to start and end your week.  Each session will include a few opening stretches to wake up the body, followed by some mindful breathing exercises to lead us into stillness together.  The session may include the chanting of some peace mantras and we often take a reading at the end for inspiration for our day. Everyone is welcome whatever your experience or level of meditation.  Sessions are free but donations are always welcome which we will put towards a local cause or charity. 

The sessions are conducted on zoom, so you simply have to download zoom and open a free account which takes just a few minutes. Zoom details for the session are below:


Meeting ID: 811 9243 4192

Passcode:  065602

Finding stillness from within is essential to our overall well being and peace of mind, but especially in these challenging times.  A regular practice of meditation has been proven to help strengthen our immune system too and our resiliency to stress during challenging times. So do join me for these group sessions. 
Meditation is a practice like yoga postures.  It can take dedicated effort to calm the restless monkey mind and touch the peace within. The peace is like the is always there, shining, but the clouds sometimes prevent it from revealing itself.....for us the clouds are the countless thoughts and emotions rushing here and there, but with the help of some simple, time proven techniques, combined with practice and patience we can calm and reduce the number of thought waves and allow the sun to shine through, helping to bring more positive light into our day. 
Group practice is always beneficial too as there is a group energy that can support our own personal practice...sometimes if our minds are particularly busy that day, tuning into the energy of the group can lift us and strengthen our focus, helping us go deeper within.


" By stopping the waves of thoughts you come to understand your true nature

and discover the wisdom and tranquility that lie within. "

There is nothing more valuable than a peaceful mind. So many times our mind rushes about looking for happiness.

Meditation turns the mind inwards to find that stillness that lies beyond the thoughts. Meditation is the practice by which there is constant observation of the mind. It can give profound benefits in terms of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well being. It brings increased awareness, attention and clarity of mind, helps us recover and manage stress better and generally improves our overall well being and energy levels.

I often offer Meditation Workshops or Courses so keep an eye out for upcoming dates:

Our meditation workshop will give you a better understanding of meditation and help you develop a regular self-practice.

We will look at the following:
- Why meditate
- Benefits of meditation 
- Steps on setting up a daily practise

- How meditation affects the brain
- Importance of posture and breath control to help the mind be present 
- Introduction to mantras and the science of soun
d - as tools for meditation

The practice of meditation is open to everyone, all you have to do is give it a go!

The workshops/courses will be taught by myself (Emma Brown), the director and founder of Yoga Bromley and a long term practitioner and teacher of yoga and meditation.


Prices are flexible if you are on a low income and cannot afford this amount. Do contact Emma to discuss if this is the case.
For bookings and enquiries contact:    

Tel:  07765 100436