Understanding Ayurveda 
Balance Yourself Naturally the Ayurvedic Way
Saturday 7th March, 1.30-4pm


Ayurveda is an ancient science of life and a sister science of yoga.  Anyone practising yoga would do well to understand the basics of ayurveda to help them reach a state of optimum health and well being.  Ayurveda considers food as our medicine. In this workshop Emma will introduce you to the basics of ayurveda, and how to eat right for your own body/mind type. A great workshop to do as we move into the Spring season.

We will look at the following:

  •  An introduction to the elements and their qualities and how these affect our bodies, mind and emotions.

  • The 3 main body/mind types and their characteristics

  • Establishing our own body/mind type and the best diet for this

  • Tips on how to improve our digestion - the key to good health

  • How food affects our mind and emotions

  • Eating right for your body type as we are all unique

  • An in depth look at different food groups and how they affect us individually

  • Ayurvedic tips for spring detoxing



Workshop leader - Emma is the director and founder of Yoga Studio Bromley and has been teaching yoga, meditation and philosophy now for more than 25 years.  Emma has a passion for health and well being and has studied ayurveda, western nutrition and naturopathy.  Emma has trained with teachers such as Doctor Vasant Lad, Atreya Smith, Robert Svoboda, Barbara Wren and Deepa Apte.  She realised through her studies, that there is no other form of healing as personalised as ayurveda as it looks at each person as being unique and each health plan depends on the clients' individual constitution and imbalances. Emma works as an ayurvedic diet and health consultant and often leads workshops on all aspects of ayurveda, helping people to restore their health and find their optimal well being.

The workshop will take place at the Deva Yoga Studio in Chislehurst.
Price: £30 - bookings can be made directly on the Deva Yoga Website
through this link.