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Moving Smoothly Through Menopause
with Ayurveda & Yoga

Saturday 28th October 1-5.30pm

​Ayurveda is an ancient science of staying well amidst the changes of everyday life.  It teaches us that by understanding ourselves better, how we can achieve our optimal health.  

​According to Ayurveda when we are in balance we should move through perimenopause and menopause quite smoothly without any real symptoms.  It is the same for our monthly periods - when we are in balance we should experience the same.  But this is rarely the case. Many women really struggle at this time with hot flushes, mood swings, dryness, poor sleep etc. For some women the symptoms are so unbearable they feel they have no other choice than to take medication such as HRT or other bio chemical hormones. 

In this workshop we will introduce you to the basic principles of Ayurveda and how through your diet, lifestyle and specific herbs and yoga practises how we can reduce these common symptoms and move through these years more smoothly.  

I (Emma ) am now in my menopause and have thankfully not really had any symptoms. I have been practising yoga and ayurveda for many years and so I believe this was, and still is  a great support for me during this transitional time.  I can personally vouch how these principles can really help, but the sooner you put them into practice the better. This is why I really encourage women of all ages to join the workshop too, not just ladies going through perimenopause/menopause now. 

We will also look at how important moving through menopause well is for encouraging better health in our later years. 

No one of us in the world are the same.  Each of us is different in many ways, each possessing a unique constitution different from that of any other person. We must understand our own nature for our own happiness and well-being in life.  

I ( Emma) have studied many forms of western nutrition as well as Ayurveda and now work as an Ayurveda Consultant. Emma has been teaching yoga, meditation and philosophy for over 30 years.  Her passion for well-being  led her to train with some of the best Ayurveda teachers in the world.  

Join me - Emma in this workshop, providing a great and practical guide to staying well on all levels as we move through menopause. 


The first half of the workshop is really important as we will look at some of the basic principles of ayurveda to help us work out our own body/mind type. We will then look at how diet and lifestyle can be important to help keep us in balance. Then the final couple of hours we will focus more on how this wisdom can support us during perimenopause/menopause and our later years to help us stay well during these transitional times of life. 


The workshop will take place at the Deva Yoga Studio in Chislehurst. 

We will have time for a tea break in the middle. 

Price: £45 

If you would like to come and cannot afford this price do let me know as we can always be adaptable and make an arrangement.


For bookings and enquiries contact Emma at
or 07765 100436

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