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Spring Equinox
Group Ayurvedic Detox Programme

Saturday 4th March - Friday 24th March 2023
Let go of the old & welcome the new

Lighten up after the winter season,

boost your energy and immune system

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I myself practice a yearly spring equinox detox and have run already 2 spring group detox programmes online, so once again I am opening it up to others to get involved and to experience the great benefits it brings.  As a practising ayurvedic and nutritional naturopathic consultant, I have personally guided many clients and friends through this detox programme with such positive results - it's even better to do it with a group to support you through the experience - so why not join us this year.  Even if you have participated before you may wish to join again for the group supportive experience.

A "Restorative Spring detox" is such a valuable annual practice to get into the habit of doing. It really refreshes your whole being and gives you energy and motivation to make positive changes in your life. It helps to let go of extra heaviness and weight we may have accumulated over the winter and it gives a real boost to our energy and immune system.  A good spring detox is also helpful in reducing the symptoms of hay fever as we approach the hay fever season.

In Ayurveda, we see immunity as not being merely a matter of washing your hands, but rather as an entire lifestyle that includes the foods you eat, your daily routine choices, the behaviours you engage in and the all-natural herbs and spices you consume. 

The spring equinox period is a traditional time to detox and is very beneficial as we move from winter to spring. There is a natural surge of energy at this time waiting to be released that supports the cleansing process. The detox is very valuable especially if you are feeling more tired, heavy and sluggish with lower energy and motivation levels.

During an ayurvedic detox we gradually remove the challenging foods from our diet. This is combined with strengthening and balancing our digestive fire ( agni ), and ensuring a healthy daily elimination with the help of some digestive herbs and teas. This all supports the release of any ama ( toxins ) in the body and supports the renewal of healthy cellular and tissue function.  In Ayurveda, immunity also results from excellent digestion. Long before the gut microbiome and the concept of the “gut as the second brain” were discovered, the Ayurveda sages knew that a balanced digestion is the key to overall health and immunity to disease.

Doing a cleanse at this time will help you physically, mentally and emotionally feel lighter, lift your energy levels and bring back a natural sense of clarity and inspiration. It will help you lose any excess weight, clean up your skin - as a toxic liver and blood are responsible for most skin issues, boost your immunity and set you up in more healthy eating habits moving forward.


Following this guided detox will be a helpful learning experience for you,  so if you are ever unwell in the future, you could come back to this healing diet for a more speedy recovery. It has been used for thousands of years for healing and renewal purposes. 

How the upcoming spring equinox detox programme will run:
We will be following a classical ayurvedic detox programme, where we will be eating each day but very simple, light cleansing foods.  Detailed daily guidance will be given for this. I will be sending you a list of simple recipes as well as a couple of detox herbs/jams to take during this time to assist the cleansing process.  Guidance will be given on the challenging foods to be avoided during the programme and the reason why this supports the cleansing process. 

The actual main body of the upcoming spring equinox detox will start on Monday 13th - Friday 24th March. It is good to come off challenging foods though gradually, to ease into  the programme gently and to get the best results,  so I recommend starting this process the week or at least a few days before the main body of the detox starts- I will give full advice on this.


We will have an official group opening meeting via zoom before we start on Saturday 4th March at 2pm. We will get to meet each other and will go through the main detox plan and preparation for the detox in detail, with time to ask any questions. The meeting will be recorded in case you missed it.  

The actual equinox this year is on Monday 20th March around 9.30pm so there will be an optional day of fasting on vegetable broth and juices on this spring equinox day.  I will give full guidance on this, and if you didn't feel like a full fast I will give an alternative plan for you for that day.  After the fasting day, we will come back to the cleansing diet programme we followed before to gradually bring the detox process to an end. You'll probably by this stage decide to keep eating well like this as you will feel so good. 

The programme will be well guided with my full personal support, with guidance on how to prepare before and how to come gradually out of the programme into hopefully more inspired ways of eating with healthier food choices.  

What the programme will include:

  • An initial zoom meeting on Saturday 4th March at 2pm and official opening of the group detox programme. We will discuss the detox programme, how to prepare and how it will run, with time to meet other members of the group and for any questions and answers.

  • An introductory questionnaire for you to complete in order for me to give you a bit more personal guidance during the main body of the programme.

  • A list of recipes for the detox and a video of how to make a simple "kitchari" one of the daily meals we will be having.

  • A suggested shopping list of certain foods and a couple of digestive herbs/jams you will need for the week.

  • In depth guidance on how to prepare for the main part of the detox programme.

  • A daily plan during the main part of the detox on daily meals and herbs to take.

  • A meeting before the optional fasting day on Sunday 18th March at 4pm to go through some guidance & juicing/broth recipes for the day.

  • A very gentle 1 hour early morning yoga, breathing and relaxation session at 8.30-9.30 am on the equinox day/optional fasting day to help the cleansing process. 

  • Personal support if needed during the detox - I will be available to speak to by phone or email whenever you need.

  • Guidance on coming out of the programme with ideas and inspiration for food choices moving forward.

  • An official closing meeting of the group programme on Friday 24th March at 7pm with time for us to share how it went, how we feel at the end and any challenges we may have had- Again it will be recorded if you cannot make it. We will also have time for a closing prayer and intention setting to help us take the positive benefits of what the programme gave us forward into our lives. 


Optional Extras:

  • A personal ayurvedic health consultation, to help you understand your body/mind type better and to help you choose the most suitable diet for your constitution moving forward after the detox, with the best food choices to help you stay optimally well. You can have a look at this flyer for more details on ayurvedic consultation with an introduction to ayurveda. 

  • 2 gentle morning online yoga sessions from 7.15-8.15am to help boost the detox process during the main detox programme on Tuesday 14th and Friday 18th March to help with the cleansing process and to strengthen your will power during this time. The classes will also be recorded if you would like to take them but cannot join at this time.


Group detox programme: £69
Group detox programme with a personal ayurvedic consultation: £ £129
Group detox programme with a personal consultation & the 2 extra yoga sessions - £149
Group detox programme with the 2 extra yoga sessions - £89

If you would like to be a part of this group detox but are struggling financially at the moment, just let me know as we can always come to an arrangement.

On booking I will send you over initial details on the programme and links for our group zoom meetings.
For bookings and any questions on the programme, call or email me on the following contact details:     Mobile: 07765 100436.



With love and peace
Om Shanti

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