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Understanding Ayurveda &

Strengthening Your Immune System Retreat

Thursday 8th-11th October


Join me/Emma in our beautiful retreat space in Glastonbury for in depth introduction to Ayurveda.  During this more educational retreat we will have daily morning meditation and yoga and each day we will have a lecture/workshop to give you an in depth introduction to ayurveda and how it can be helpful for understanding ourselves better as an individual and in optimising your health and immune strength.  There will be about 8 hours of study in total with some handouts to take home and suggested books to help you study further.  There will also be 1 or 2 cooking classes to educate you more on the use of herbs/spices and specific dishes to support your digestion and constitutional health. 

You will learn the basic and some more in depth principles of this ancient science, helping you understand your body/mind type better, so that you can take even more responsibility for your health.  If you cannot make the retreat in person, there is an option to attend the lectures online, or receive the recording for these - more details on this can be found further down.

Ayurveda is a sister science of yoga focusing on optimising your physical and mental well being and boosting your immunity.  It is a very empowering science so that you can navigate with more ease through the ever changing situations of life.  Compared to allopathic medicine, which focuses more on reducing symptoms, ayurveda looks at the reasons why we fall ill and the reasons for different health conditions and how we can prevent these or heal/improve them with the help our our diet, lifestyle, seasonal regimes, herbs etc. Traditionally the principles of yoga and ayurveda, used to be taught and practised together as they support each other. and with these wisdoms you will not only understand yourself better, but others also and with a deeper observation and  connection to life. 

The Retreat
This retreat will be a blend of morning meditation, chanting and prayers, followed by gentle, awakening yoga practises -We will enjoy healing vegetarian/vegan meals, all homemade with love and organic ingredients.  In the afternoons we will have a lecture on ayurveda for between 90-120 minutes.
Each day we will explore different areas of study which will include the following:

  •  An introduction to the elements and their qualities and how these affect our bodies, mind and emotions.

  • The 3 main body/mind types and their characteristics

  • Establishing our own body/mind type and the best diet/lifestyle for this

  • Tips on how to improve our digestion - the key to good health

  • How food affects our mind and emotions

  • Eating right for your body type as we are all unique

  • An in depth look at different food groups and how they affect us individually

  • Ayurveda for a stronger immune system

  • Daily and Seasonal routines to stay well during the year.

The retreat will also include 1 or 2 cooking classes to teach you how to use spices for improved digestion.

On top of this we will still have time for some daily walks around magical Glastonbury, with visits to some historical sites, such as the Tor and the Chalice Well.

There are only 5 places on the retreat, so best to book in advance.  More details can be found from the link above.

The Venue
We will be staying in a beautiful loft apartment, a stone throw away from the high street.  There are 2 main spacious bedrooms, with the use of 2 bathrooms which can host a total of 5 guests. The yoga, meditation sessions and lectures will take place in the south facing through lounge, which I call the sun lounge as it receives the sun all day long.  
The retreat will start on Friday 8th October with arrival between 12-1pm. We will have our first introductory lecture to ayurveda at 2pm followed by a yoga class and dinner. The retreat will end approximately 2pm on  Monday 11th October after a final yoga session, lecture and lunch.

Retreat/Course leader

Emma is the director and founder of Yoga Studio Bromley and has been teaching yoga, meditation and philosophy now for more than 25 years.  Emma has a passion for health and well being and has studied ayurveda, western nutrition and naturopathy.  Emma has trained with teachers such as Doctor Vasant Lad, Atreya Smith, Robert Svoboda, Barbara Wren and Deepa Apte.  She realised through her studies, that there is no other form of healing as personalised as ayurveda as it looks at each person as being unique and each health plan depends on the clients' individual constitution and imbalances. Emma works as an ayurvedic diet and health consultant and often leads workshops on all aspects of ayurveda, helping people to restore their health and find their optimal well being.

Donation: £345 for a shared room.
How to get there - Glastonbury is just a 2.5-3 hours drive from London/Bromley area, and a pleasant drive passing the famous Stone Henge site. Maybe nearer the time, if you are intending to drive, we can discuss car sharing and the best way to get there. 

Course Online:
If you are unable to make the retreat, you can either attend the main ayurveda lectures live via zoom or receive the recordings for £95. 

Any questions or enquiries, contact Emma on 07765 100436.

There may be an option for single occupancy in the apartment or nearby for an additional cost - again contact Emma with any questions on this. 


With love and peace
Om Shanti

-Yoga, Meditation & Somatic Movement Teacher -
Ayurvedic Health Consultant and Nutritional Healing Chef 

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