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Vegan Shepherd's Pie

A delicious winter warming hearty lunch or supper simply served with salad or dressing


2.225kg potatoes, chopped
300g celeriac and pumpkin (or carrot of you eat it), diced small
300g green/brown lentils soaked overnight
1 tab brown rice miso
1 tab nutritional yeast flakes- or more if you like  
300g fresh tomatoes, blended to a liquid
200ml soya milk
cold-pressed sunflower oil for frying 
Plus seasalt, black pepper, dried herbs, paprika and hing to season.



  • Precook the potatoes in the minimum of water

  • Soak the green/brown lentils overnight

  • Rinse and cook until soft, with a bay leaf added. Put aside

  • Season the mixture with miso, and possibly mixed herbs of your choice

  • Stir-fry the diced vegetables until soft, add to the cooked lentils and blended tomato mix and put into a large, fairly deep oven dish

  • When the potatoes are well-cooked, drain if necessary and mash with the soya milk, a pinch of salt and the nutritional yeast.

  • Spread the mash on top of the bottom layer and make into rough ridges (these will go crisp and brown when baked)

  • Bake at 200C for 20-25 minutes or until heated thoroughly and browning on top.

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