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Restorative Retreat in Glastonbury
Movement, Meditation & Magic
4 days/3 nights Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd October 2023

Tor 3 glastonbury.jpg

Would you like to join me for a few days away in Glastonbury
the town of myth and magic?
Do you need some time for yourself and
a bit of a boost of energy, calmness and inspiration? 

Then why not join me for this upcoming retreat.  It will be a really restorative few days with daily meditation, yoga, somatics for releasing deeper tension, delicious vegetarian meals, trips to see some of the local sites and time for rest and relaxation. We will start each morning with an uplifting meditation and yoga practice and in the afternoons we will have somatic movement classes which are more passive and gentle - all classes will be ok for students of all levels.

The meals are always a highlight on our retreat as I/we will prepare some delicious vegetarian meals, with the opportunity to get involved and learn some new recipes.  Each day we will go for some refreshing walks in nature or by the nearby seafront, with time to visit some of the holistic shops and special sites of Glastonbury which is a famous pilgrimage spot. 

The Tor ( pictured above ) is a very powerful spot for prayer and intention setting, so we will take a walk here for a small group ceremony together. All very healing and nourishing.  
There will be time for reading and quiet time too if you feel and possibly massages with local recommend therapists, but with plenty of time to be together in community if you wish to get to know each other better.

The Venue
We will be staying in our beautiful loft apartment, a stone's throw away from Glastonbury high street.  There are 2 main spacious bedrooms, with the use of 2 bathrooms which can host a total of 5 guests. The yoga, meditation and somatic sessions will take place in the south facing through lounge. It is an intimate space but great for smaller groups and so central to the main sites of Glastonbury. We have already had 6-7 retreats in the space and we have always had such a good time - of course the energy of Glastonbury contributes to this too.

The retreat will start on the Thursday with a 2pm arrival  We will start with an afternoon welcome circle and a gentle yoga or somatic movement session, followed by dinner and an evening walk, weather permitting.  The retreat  will end approximately 1pm on the Sunday after a final yoga/meditation session and brunch and any last visits into town. 
You are sure to come back feeling calm, connected and hopefully inspired from all you have practiced and experienced on the weekend.

Glastonbury, is a pilgrimage place, and magical town.  It has a special energy there with many thousands of people visiting from all over the world for spiritual growth and personal upliftment/healing.

The legendary village of Glastonbury has been recognised as a spiritual centre since the megalithic era, it is the site of the first Christian church in the British Isles and claimed to be the Isle of Avalon of the King Arthur tale. It is steeped in history, myth and folk lore with so many special sites to visit such as the Tor (as seen in the image above)- a magnetic power point where 2 major ley lines cross, the Chalice Well, the White Spring for collecting and bathing in the natural healing spring waters, the famous Glastonbury Abbey - the burial site of King Arthur and Joseph of Arimathea and so many other places too.

Once you have been to Glastonbury, you may find yourself coming back again and again like me. The mysteries of Avalon, Glastonbury’s sacred places and the gentle healing and revitalising energies may call you back for more.
Here is a link to an article in the National Geographic on
"What makes Glastonbury so Mystical"

Donation for the retreat: £295 for a shared room.
I try to offer all my retreats at really reasonable prices, to help make them something you can hopefully do more often for yourself. I am happy also for you to pay in instalments too if this is easier for you. If you would like to come, and feel you really need this but may not be able to afford this right now,  just let me know as we may be able to come to some arrangement. 
The only other money you may need is for one meal we will have out at a lovely local vegetarian restaurant ( about £8-15) and any extras for shopping etc. in town

How to get there: - Glastonbury is just a 3 hour drive from London/Bromley area, and a pleasant drive passing the famous Stone Henge site. Maybe nearer the time, if you are intending to drive, we can discuss car sharing and the best way to get there. If you don't want to drive you can also get the train to Castle Cary and a taxi or collection from there.

I hope you can join me.
Any questions do let me know.
With love and peace
Om Shanti
-Yoga, Meditation & Somatic Movement Teacher -
Ayurvedic Health Consultant and Nutritional Healing Chef 

Yoga Studio Bromley 
07765 100436

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May all beings be happy, healthy and at peace. 

* at the gateway of the Tor below *

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