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Private Classes

Private yoga classes are perfect for people:


  • With a busy schedule who find it difficult to get to a scheduled group class.


  • Who are nervous about jumping in at the deep end and would prefer a gentle more personal introduction to yoga.


  • Who want to work more intensely and dynamically on their practice in the comfort and convenience of their own home.


  • Who are pregnant or have young children at home.


  • Who suffer with depression, M.E, obesity, a physical disability or another condition that might make getting to a group class difficult.

Private yoga sessions are normally taken in your own home or office. You only need a small amount of space to roll out a yoga mat or two. They can also be arranged at the Ripley Arts Centre but there would be an additional room charge hire of between £10-£15.

There can be 1:1 or for a small group of friends or co-workers.
Yoga is a practice for everyone regardless of age fitness gender shape or size.

Private classes at clients' homes start from:
1x 1 hr yoga class:  £65
1x 1 1/2 hr yoga classes:  £80

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