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Drop-in yoga classes:  £10
If you book a term you get one additional class free to be used by the end of the term.

Drop-in meditation classes: Donation based suggested £5 or what you can afford.

Here at Yoga Bromley we know the great benefits that are yours with a regular yoga

practice. In order to help you make the commitment to your health and well-being, and also to guarantee you a place in the class, as many of the classes places are limited, we offer a reduced price if you sign up for our classes for a term.


Our term is usually 2 months (you can always call or email to find out when the new term

starts) This is to help encourage you to attend regularly, as we know that life is busy and can often get in the way of you making time for yourself. We do give some flexibility, in that if you missed a class at your chosen class time, we offer you the opportunity to make it up in any other class time (space permitting) during that same term time.


If you book for a term classes work out at £10 each again, but you get an extra class free to be used in any other class before the end of the term.


If, however, your schedule just doesn't allow you to make that commitment at the moment, we also offer you to come on a drop-in basis at £10 a class.


Other workshops, vegetarian cooking classes etc. are priced differently and can be found on the relevant pages.


Please contact us through the contact page or by phone or email if you’d like to book for a term.

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