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Food & Nutrition



Alongside the yoga classes, food is always one of the highlights for students on our yoga retreats. All meals are vegetarian and vegan, freshly cooked with love, using local wholesome ingredients and following the principles of the Yogic diet. Both the brunch and

dinner are full meals with two or three courses each, with salads, breads and dressings, and desserts in the evenings. There are also fruits, teas and snacks available in between meals if needed, so you will never go hungry!

A Gentle Detox


The food is gently detoxifying as we try to avoid caffeine, refined sugars, gluten and dairy as

much as we can, adding to the overall benefit of your retreat experience, helping you to

leave feeling lighter, cleaner and more energised.

Our Chefs


We usually bring our own chefs with us who all have their own flair and ability to create amazing vegetarian menus to a very high standard. Our guests are always incredibly impressed with the diversity, flavour and creativity of our food. Most people also comment on how much more energized they feel and how they will try and recreate similar food at home.

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